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    This car has some history. I still have the Hot Rod magazine from when this car was on the cover when I was 12 years old. Then I happened to see it at a cruise night in the valley while in high school. Now 20 years later I am rebuilding new life into it. This car has a 427 SOHC Ford engine. About 700 hp naturally aspirated. Backed by a manual C-6 transmission. We installed a GearVendor for a little more driveability. A 3" custom exhaust and headers were fabbed to replace the used up original peices. The suspension has been upgraded with Global West components. The steering has been upgraded with a TCP rack and pinion kit. Wilwood prototyped their new 6-piston kit on this car. A Hydratech brake assist was squeezed in to finish off the braking system.. The car was repainted the original color by Cal Custom. Very cool car put back to the way the old man would have wanted it.