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 This is one of the cleanest CJ's I have seen. This Jeep was outfitted with a built AMC 401 back in the 80's. Needless to say it wouldn't pass the smog test of California. So it sat in the owner's garage for 20yrs. We discussed a few different options and decided to go with a GM ls engine. We found an engine and trans from a 2002 Camaro for the swap.The engine was left alone but we had the trans gone through. We used a Atlas transfer case behind it.The engine and trans are mounted on custom mounts. The exhaust is a custom single exhaust with the stock cats in place for emissions reasons. A custom fuel tank was made to use the stock Camaro fuel pump module. Cooling is handled by a Griffin radiator and twin Spal fans. While it was in the shop we also built a custom rollcage to fit inside the hardtop. The rollcage was also tied into the frame for a little more safety. A new spare tire rack was also fabbed at the same time. After all the work was completed we took it to the referee and got a clean bill of health and registered for the first time in twenty years.This thing is stupid fast for a stock ls engine. It is now his daily driver..