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This a 1953 Ford 4-door staion wagon.This wagon was done by another shop and brought to us for a few upgrades. Fast fuel injection and twin Vortech Y-si super chargers. Luckily this wagon was outfitted with a Art Morrison chassis so it atleast handle well. The engine is a GM performance 572-620hp crate engine. It had a 200r4 transmission that gave up the ghost as soon as we put alittle power to it. It was upgraded to a 4l80e with a 2500 stall converter. We started with the stock GM intake manifold and modified it for fuel injection. We used a 75mm throttle body to keep response up.The bracketry for the twin super chargers was fabricated at Bones. We used the stock fresh air vents to force cool air into the K&N filters. The whole assembly was polished for good looks. We also added a couple of Custom Classic instruments gauges to monitor the beast. Very well done car that is a blast to drive.. Way faster than a wagon should be.